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Jim R Hirst is a 32 year old wanna be comic writer/artist.He originally hails from San Diego CA but grew up in Northampton MA. He currently works at a grocery store and lives in Shingle Springs CA with his wife Crystal, his 3 year old son JR and his beautiful baby girl Nola. He loves comics and baseball.

Couch Trippin is a failed movie experiment gone horribly wrong. The screenplay was originally written by Jim Hirst, Chris Bushey and Paul Lastowski in their spare time. In the summer of 2007 with the help of good friend Uri Botfield they set out to shoot the movie in little over a week with the budget of about $100, which basically covered the expense of the keg of beer. The final outcome was unwatchable. Jim determined to make lemonade out of lemons decided to turn the movie into a comic. 3 broken computers and 5 years later here it is. Download it on Comixology HERE.